• Step 1:

    Make the purchase through the online store.

  • Step 2:

    Write via whatsapp to the designer mentioning your order number WHATSAPP DESIGNER:


  • Step 3:

    You choose the letter and the emojis that you like the most!

Do you want to advance your ideal design?

  • 1) To start customizing and designing your order, we need your WRITTEN order number, which you will find in the purchase confirmation email, it is a numeral followed by 5 digits. ex: My Order Number is 12345.

  • 2) Let's move on to the next step, customization! ❗👨🏻🎨🎨

I recommend you copy this part of the message and send it back to me with the data:






In the following link you can see our fonts and the emojis that we use the most!


To facilitate the design you can:

✅ Circle the logos / typography.

✅ Send me a photo with a circumference and the design you would like.

Explain to me the best you can! 😉🙏🏻

Please, wait patiently for the answer and we will contact you soon.

Thank you for choosing us! 🧉